The wonderful world of WELL; Lumilow to explain the bright side of the WELL Building Standard at CIBSE conference

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Lumilow Managing Director Andy Chell will present at a CIBSE Yorkshire Region event later on this year, revealing the new pathways and potential offered by the WELL Building Standard and circadian, humanistic workplace lighting.


What is the WELL Building Standard?

 “The WELL Standard is all about how buildings can be designed, constructed and lit to positively impact the way we sleep and how well we feel at work,” explains Andy.

It uses innovative, research-backed strategies to advance health, happiness, mindfulness and productivity in our buildings and communities.

“That might sound like a loose description, but the WELL recommendations are firmly based in serious science. There are massive potential benefits for every company to hand, especially in the area of light.

“I’m determined to spread the message far and wide through Lumilow’s work. WELL-lit buildings truly have a profound effect on our wellbeing and health. That’s a vital message and one that’s not yet sufficiently disseminated; hence why I’m keen to present at the CIBSE event,” he explains.


The specific impacts of better-lit workplaces

“A study of a WELL-certified office building found that 92% of employees said it had a positive effect on their health and wellbeing,” Andy continues.

“That’s a massive impact. If 92% of your staff are working and feeling better, that represents a huge benefit for profit and people in your business.”

But what does better lighting, in line with WELL standards, mean in the real world? A good example surrounds the explosion of tuneable LED lighting systems on the market in the last five years.

“This has made it easier than ever to create custom lighting schedules that provide appropriate levels and colours of light at different points in our circadian cycle,” says Andy. “Now for the first time, a single lamp can emulate blue-white daylight while the sun is high in the sky and then shift to a subdued warm white in the hours prior to bedtime.

“Combine that with daylighting systems that maximise sunlight and minimise glare and you are looking at vastly improved workplaces from a light perspective. Lumilow provides such kit as standard.”


Calming light technologies

The WELL benefits for employees are myriad. But there are business wins too. WELL’s Nathan Stodola, Vice President, Product Development, notes that the right light has direct effects on parts of our brain and can act as an acute stimulant, making people more alert and able to perform better on some cognitive tests.

“Over 350 projects encompassing over 76 million square feet are utilising WELL today,” Andy comments. “It’s really shaking up building design for the better, and here at Lumilow we want to be a part of that.

“Specific advice in the Standard can offer you information on the best angles to avoid sunlight glare, the right lux levels for ideal working, and the best ways to orientate offices to let the sun in and brighten your day.”

CIBSE members can book their place to learn more about the fascinating ways WELL and Lumilow are developing futureproofed lighting for human and business benefit.