When Upgrading Lighting, don’t forget your Staff

| Posted in: Sustainability


At Lumilow, we value our staff over and above all other. We feel that if we treat our staff well, respect them and support them in their professional development then they will respect our Customers and treat them well. To us it’s pretty obvious and common sense.


That’s why we decided to introduce The Lumilow Logic. This is our internal guide to all of our staff as to how we remain outstanding at all times. We work hard to follow 3 steps in everything we do – we tell our Customers what we’re going to do, we do it, then we tell them what we’ve done. Easy really.


When Companies are looking to upgrade their lighting, it is vital that they get the buy in from staff. After all, staff are your number 1 asset and salaries are possibly the main cash burn every month, so treat them well and they will pay you back in spades.


LEDs are everywhere and their popularity is gathering pace. The LED industry is a minefield with a myriad of conflicting and confusing information out there. But there is quite a simple formula when making selections on lighting. Cheap LEDs are cheap for a reason, because they are not very good. Regular readers of these blogs will have seen my comments on colour rendition. Poor colour rendition is not conducive to good productivity, whether Offices, Factories or Schools. Staff are expensive, so give them the best and they will perform. Children are our future and we have a duty to give them the best quality education possible. That means the best lighting possible.


Nobody likes change. Staff become comfortable and if a refurbishment is to take place then making them part of the decision making process is going to help the whole process. All will have an opinion and it could make the overall decision making process harder, but get it right and you’ll have happy and more productive staff. Explain the reasons for the lighting upgrade, according to The carbon Trust, a 20% reduction in energy in the retail sector can have the same overall bottom line effect as a 5% increase in sales. Quite an easy decision to make really, but explaining this to staff will help with their buy in, as they will see their jobs will be more secure.