Spell for Harry Potter 20th anniversary

| Posted in: Controls, Lighting, Staff, Sustainability

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, our Managing Director was asked if he could perform magic, what would he do within the lighting industry?

 Andy Chell, Managing Director of Lumilow Lighting is an outspoken advocate of transparency and exemplary service, particularly within the education sector. His ‘tongue in cheek’ spell would be ‘gaucho purgare’ – purging the ‘cowboys’ who give the lighting industry a bad name.

 All joking aside, when asked to be more serious, Andy’s wand-waving desire would be for education specifiers to understand how to apply a human-centric approach to lighting. Such ‘illustratio adducer’ would bring the latest energy-saving, efficient technologies to the classroom, enabling schools and college estates to ‘bring enlightenment’ to their students  and to work towards meeting their carbon reduction targets.

 Andy explains, “Research undertaken by Arnold Wilkins, Emeritus Professor at the University of Essex and a leading expert in photosensitivity and physiology, shows that up to 80% of UK school kids are ‘at flicker risk’ from old lights which impairs their learning. Indeed, many are at risk of anxiety, migraines, headaches and even dyslexia from flickering lighting, more common to older, non-LED lighting systems.

 “With the advances in technology, intelligent systems and user-centric design already available, there is no good reason for those responsible for the education and future of our young people to ignore their needs and ensure they have the best possible environment for learning. It’s not too much to ask is it?”