Factory lighting upgrade reduces glare and increases productivity for Yorkshire manufacturer

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Customer: C U Phosco

Application: Factory lighting

Product: LL16 LED Low Bays

Outcome(s): Energy savings; uniformity of light; reduced glare; increased productivity.



C U Phosco is a manufacturer of outdoor lighting columns for many applications. Although its Head Office is based in Hertfordshire, its manufacturing facility is based in Cleckheaton in Yorkshire.

The factory lighting consisted of very old 250w metal halide high bays, which were highly energy intensive and failed regularly, causing a significant maintenance burden.

C U Phosco called upon Lumilow to provide a solution that would provide excellent levels of light, combined with energy and cost efficiencies.  A key requirement was to keep the factory floor running at all times during installation; in particular to avoid disturbing a crane which needs to remain operational throughout business hours.



Lumilow’s technical team engineered a solution that combined a step-change improvement in the quality of light, with the highest possible levels of energy efficiency.


How we did it

  • High efficiency 110W LED Low Bay fittings were specified to provide light over the machinery. The fittings achieve the excellent light levels and uniformity of light for the factory, where quality and attention to detail is crucial.
  • A new ‘last man out’ switch was installed to further maximise energy savings.



  • The new lighting was installed and commissioned by Lumilow’s partner Pro M&E; with care taken to ensure minimal disruption to business activities.
  • The factory was kept operational at all times, with major power works done out of hours.


We say… The right lighting for industrial environments is crucial for improved productivity. Staff are always the number 1 asset in any business so whilst we all want to save energy, investment in quality lighting for staff will always pay dividends.