St Catherine’s Hospice achieves 60% energy savings with LED lighting upgrade

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Customer: St. Catherine’s Hospice, Preston

Application: Administration and communal areas

Product: LL03 LED Panels, LL01 LED Downlights, LL11 LED Bulkheads

Outcome(s): Energy savings, reduction in maintenance



St. Catherine’s Hospice in Preston contacted Lumilow Lighting to conduct a full lighting energy audit following a recommendation from a leading Energy Consultant, Maloney Associates Limited. As a charity, costs of energy and maintenance were a great concern as the Trustees have a duty to achieve best value from all funds raised.

Lumilow needed to be sympathetic to the working environment and achieve a design which reduced the energy consumption and maintenance burden but also be respectful of the patients within the care of St. Catherine’s Hospice.



Lumilow’s technical team engineered a solution that combined a step-change improvement in the quality of light, with the highest possible levels of energy efficiency.


How we did it

  • High efficiency LL03 LED Panels in recessed and surface options give great quality of light in all office areas. The panels are designed to minimise glare for improved efficiency and comfort.
  • Lumilow’s LL11 Bulkhead luminaires in the communal areas were installed, along with microwave sensor controls to further increase energy efficiency.
  • LL01 LED Downlights were utilised in sluice and bathroom areas to give great efficiency, along with class leading design and functionality.



The new lighting was installed and commissioned by Lumilow’s partner Pitts Wilson Electrical; with care taken to ensure minimal disruption to the day to day care offered by the Hospice.


We say… The work and care carried out at St. Catherine’s Hospice is fantastic and we are proud to be associated with the charity. The new lighting has enhanced the environment for all staff, volunteers and patients alike, whilst achieving the aims of a 60% reduction in energy alone.