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The wonderful world of WELL; Lumilow to explain the bright side of the WELL Building Standard at CIBSE conference

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Lumilow Managing Director Andy Chell will present at a CIBSE Yorkshire Region event later on this year, revealing the new pathways and potential offered by the WELL Building Standard and circadian, humanistic workplace lighting.   What is the WELL Building Standard?  “The WELL Standard is all about how buildings can be designed, constructed and lit […]

Lighting for retail spaces: 5 things you should know

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Sustainably lighting retail premises demands knowledge of key characteristics and concerns. Here are the top 5 elements you need to act on. 1) Colour Rendition Lux magazine observes by tuning the precise combination of chips and phosphors, LED technology offers the opportunity to hone and control the colour of light like never before. In a […]

Let’s Talk About Colour

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Who would have thought that George Orwell would saying something very profound about the lighting industry? All LEDs are white, but some are created whiter than others.