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Are Facilities Managers grasping the essential need for not merely well lit, but inspirational workplaces?

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At Lumilow Lighting, we believe that light is inspirational, beneficial, indeed crucial to modern workplaces. This being the case, it stands to reason that more and more organisations are realising the advantages of natural, light orientated design. But some of the most exciting developments remain poorly understood, or perhaps in some cases struggle for ascendancy […]

ESOS stays; with the scheme’s continuation, the urgency for business energy efficiency hastens

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Leading environmental publisher is reporting that ESOS will stay, despite UK political uncertainty and Brexit. ‘Brexit had thrown ESOS into a state of uncertainty, as the scheme was brought in as part of the UK’s implementation of the European Commission’s 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive, which may cease to apply after the UK’s departure from […]

Spell for Harry Potter 20th anniversary

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, our Managing Director was asked if he could perform magic, what would he do within the lighting industry?  Andy Chell, Managing Director of Lumilow Lighting is an outspoken advocate of transparency and exemplary service, particularly within the education sector. His ‘tongue in cheek’ spell would be […]